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Press statement

13 April, 2016

Community Meeting Point, Harpenden

Hightown Housing Association has been denied access to the Community Meeting Point hub and charity shop in Station Road, Harpenden, following a dispute with the landlord, ....... more details


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Group work

Community Meeting Point supports local people with mental health issues from its centre on Station Road, Harpenden.

From this location we are able to offer information, support, activities and opportunities for real work experience to support people whose lives have been affected by mental illness. People are supported to regain skills, confidence, interests and hope for the future.

Our shop provides vital support to CMP, and is the place to pick up a bargain, being located next door to our hub. It also provides opportunities for retail experience, and to engage with the wider community, as well as giving our members the chance to show off their creative flair.

About Us

We are a small local charity serving the area around Harpenden and St. Albans. We started in 1991, operate five days a week and support adults from Harpenden and surrounding areas whose lives have been affected by mental illness.

Our aim is to support members to regain skills, self confidence and interests and enable them to have the same opportunities and choices as everyone else in the community. We believe this will help to break social isolation and facilitate the recovery of a meaningful and satisfying life.

Our services are delivered by a small team of staff and volunteers.