What we do

Community Meeting Point operates from a versatile town centre location with an adjoining retail unit.

From this location we are able to offer information, support, short courses and opportunities for real work experience to support people whose lives have been affected by mental illness. People are supported to regain skills, confidence, interests and hope for the future.

Our range of services are designed to support people in their recovery and to help them to stay well. We focus on supporting our members to become more involved in community life and provide a range of practical activities and courses to help people get ready for employment or further training. We support members to have the same opportunities and choices as everyone else in the community and to make use of the same local facilities.

We also operate a charity shop adjacent to our activity Hub. The shop provides retail experience for our members. It also provides additional funding for CMP to deliver the services. And provides a direct focus for engaging the wider community.


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CMP Location

Location of CMP

Community Meeting Point
11-12 Harding Parade
Station Road

Hub Telephone: 01582 762 579
Shop Telephone: 01582 762 579